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Some of the New Project Books for this year include:

382-Am I Ready for Work?

This project is for 4-H members who are preparing for their first paid jobs. Activities cover everything from making a good first impression to managing money, including applying, getting references, creating a resume, and interviewing. Even social media posts can affect one’s job prospects!



405-The Laundry Project

Everyone loves clean laundry but how do you do it? Learn about laundry machines and products, how to be environmentally friendly in the laundry room, and how to sort and clean laundry items. Conduct an experiment to learn how heat affects different types of fibers too! Appropriate for members of all ages with no experience in doing laundry.



498-Quilting the Best Better

This project is for 4-H members who have completed You Can Quilt! Now you can practice and refine your quilting skills by using the half-square triangle method on a built-in community service project and on your own lap quilt. Use some advanced tools and gadgets too!



500-Science Fun with Physics

Let your inner scientist come out and uncover the mysteries of physics at play in daily life. The amazing magician Franco Newtoni guides you through this project. As you try each experiment you’ll see the forces of nature, energy, and the power of physics at work—or is it magic? This STEM project is the latest addition to the Science Fun series, and will satisfy your curiosity on many topics!



507-Robotics 1 with LEGO® EV3

Use the newest LEGO® technology to learn about what a robot is, how to build one, and how to program it. Activities are based on the EV3 Core Set available from LEGO® Education for about $400. Other EV3 kits may not be the same! (Go to for details.) A computer for running the programming software and Internet access for watching videos are required.



611-Explore the Outdoors

This project opens your eyes to the great outdoors, so get your backpack and field guides ready. The first activity shows how to prepare for an outdoor adventure so you can explore the woodlands, fields, wetlands, and the geology of Ohio. Once you see nature with new appreciation, you’ll want to learn more! Intended for youth of all ages interested in Ohio’s wildlife and ecosystems.