4-H Project Book Judging Information (2024)

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Project Book Judging & Interviews allow 4-H members to present their completed project & share what they've learned through project work. Many alumni credit 4-H for helping them build valuable life skills, such as the ability to interview! Please be sure to look at the general guidelines for the topic area as well as the project specific guidelines. All project guidelines are captured within the first few pages of your project book. ALL 4-H members must complete project book interviews to recieve a Fair Pass and exhibit in Junior Fair shows. 

We want all 4-Hers to have a positive experience with the evaluation portion of their project. Please contact the Extension office to make arrangements for members with special needs so reasonable accommodations can be made. Please notify the Extension Office if your child us unable to judge at their scheduled interview time. Early and Makeup judging options are available. 

Livestock 4-H Projects - June 14

Livestock Project Judging for 2024 will take place on Friday, June 14 at the Jackson County Extension Office. The judging schedule can be found below. Please be sure to plan for possible delays, as the judging process takes time and our judges want to make sure they spend an adequet amount of time with each exhibitor. 

2024 Livestock Project Display Theme: "All About _____" 

Important Notes: 

If a member is exhibiting multiple projects in the same species, both projects will be judged at the same time with the same judge (ONE interview). Interview time slots will be adjusted to be longer. Examples include: 

  • Beef Feeder and Market Beef
  • Equine Record Book and Trial Riding (or other equine projects)
  • Market Lamb and Breeding Sheep
  • Market & Exhibition (fancy) Poultry (turkeys, chickens, & ducks)

If a member is exhibiting multiple projects in different species, projects will be judged seperately (multiple interviews). Examples include: 

  • Market Rabbits and Market Chickens (two interviews, two different time slots)
  • Breeding Beef and Market Lambs (two interviews, two different time slots)

Notes for Equine Projects: 

  • ALL 4-H Equine Exhibitors should have purchased a 4-H Equine Project & Record Book. Any other equine projects a member has enrolled in (Trail Riding, Draft Horses, Beginning Horse Management, etc.) should be brought to that interview along with the Equine Project and Record Book. All horse projects will be judged together in ONE interview. 

Notes for Market Rabbit Projects: 

  • "But what if I don't have my market rabbits by project judging day?" That's okay! We understand that 4-H Livestock Project Book Judging is early for our market rabbit exhibitors this year. We are hoping to fix this for future years. For now, please just do your best. Fill out what you can, and make inferences. If you know that you are getting a certain breed of rabbit, or already know the cost, add that into your book! Just try your best for this year. Most of all, we just want to know what you know about your species of livestock. 

Notes on FFA Projects: 

  • "I am taking an ____ to the Fair as my FFA project. Why don't I see it on the list?" Project Book Judging & Interviews are a 4-H requirement, therefore FFA projects are not listed. Please check with your FFA advisor on summer requirements. 

Non-Livestock 4-H Projects - June 24

Non-Livestock Project Judging for 2024 will take place Monday, June 24 at the Jackson County Extension Office. The judging schedule can be found below. Please be sure to plan for possible delays, as the judging process takes time and our judges want to make sure they spend an adequet amount of time with each exhibitor. 

Check out the Ohio State Fair 4-H Project Judging Guidebooks for sample score sheets and more information about your specific non-livestock project area. Jackson County 4-H attempts to mimick the Ohio State Fair as closely as possible when it comes to non-livetock project judging. 


  • Early 4-H Project Judging: Friday, June 7th
  • Makeup 4-H Project Judging: Monday, July 1st*

*Members who complete makeup 4-H project judging are not eligible for awards. 

Please contact Maddie Allman at allman.68@osu.edu or 740-268-5044 to schedule an appointment. 

PARENTS: Due to a lack of space in the Extension Office, once youth are checked in for their project interviews and seated in the waiting area, parents are asked to exit the space and wait in the hallway or in the car for their child. Parents are not allowed to enter the judging area with their children. Teen helpers and volunteers will assist youth back to the judging area if necessary. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. If your child has a Winning 4-H Plan or needs accommodation, please contact Maddie.

If you have a disability and have questions about accessibility or wish to request accommodations, please contact Maddie Allman at allman.68@osu.edu or 740-268-5044

Ohio State Fair 4-H Project Judging OSF

Each year, delegates are selected to represent Jackson County in various 4-H project areas at the Ohio State Fair. If you are selected, information will be shared with you. 

Click HERE to read important information about exhibiting 4-H non-livestock projects at the Ohio State Fair!