Jackson County 4-H Club Binders

Each club should have in thier possession a club resources binder with the title "Making the Best 4-H Clubs Better - Version 2.0"

This binder also includes addtional resources that every club advisor, member, and parent might need. All contents of the binder can be found below: 

Making the Best 4-H Clubs Better - Version 2.0

Click here to find lesson plans and resources regarding the Making the Best 4-H Clubs Better - Version 2.0 curriculum. 

Binder Cover Sheet DOWNLOAD: PDF

Community Service 

Community Service

Keeping Community Service Safe

Community Service Ideas

Cloverbud Resources

Click here to find lesson plans and resources regarding 4-H Cloverbuds

Club Communications

Club Commincation Fact Sheet DOWNLOAD: PDF

Ohio 4-H Guidelines for Club Social Media DOWNLOAD: PDF

Club Basics: Club Management Resources, Policies, and Procedures

Click here to find Club Management Resources, Policies, and Procedures

New Family Orientation

YOU are a 4-H Ambassador

Building Your 4-H Club Team

Planning Field Trips and Outings

Club Constituation and By-Laws Lesson

Club Constitution and By-Laws Optional Template

Practice Makes Perfect Parliamentary Procedure

Making Club Committees Count

Showing Respect for American and 4-H Flags

Fundraising & Club Financials

Ohio 4-H Club Financial Guide DOWNLOAD: PDF

Fund Raising: Raffles, Bingo, and Games of Chance DOWNLOAD: PDF

Club Fundraising

Mentorship & Leadership

Members + Mentos = Retention

Teaching Teens to Teach

Club Self-Assessment 

Advisor Lesson Evaluation

Officer Resources

Click here for 4-H Club Officer Resources

Why Officers are Important

Club Officer Handbooks

President's Record Book
Vice President's Record Book
Secretary's Record Book
Treasurer's Record Book
News Reporter's Record Book
Health Officer's Record Book
Safety Officer's Record Book
Historian's Record Book
Recreation Leader's Record Book


Making Meetings Fun

Making Meetings Matter

Club Program Planning

Team Building Challenges

Discover Yourself at Camp

Project STEM (Science is FUN!)

Health H: The Fourth H

Bullying: Why Me?


Project Success

Selecting the Perfect Project!

Blue Ribbon Project Exhibits 

Practice + Prepare = Successful Project Interview

Keeping Your 4-H Records

My 4-H Record Book DOWNLOAD: WORD | PDF

Ohio 4-H Acheivement Record

Show Me How to... Plan a 4-H Demonstration