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Attendees may also pay $25.00 via cash or check the night of their assigned CARTEENS class. Please make checks payable to "The Ohio State University" with "Jackson CARTEENS - [Youth's Name]" in the memo.

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4-H CARTEENS is a traffic safety program conducted by 4-H teen leaders and their program partners for juvenile traffic offenders. 4-H CARTEENS goals include: 

  • reducing the number of repeat juvenile traffic offenders,
  • decreasing the number of teen traffic offenders, and
  • increasing teen awareness of traffic/vehicular safety.

2024 CARTEENS Class Dates: 

CARTEENS classes are held on the first Tuesday of every other month at the Jackson County OSU Extension Office. The Juvenile Court will assign you the next available CARTEENS class date, unless there is a conflict or cancellation. If the class has been canceled, it will be indicated so here. Classes start promptly at 6:00 PM. 

2024 CARTEENS Class Dates
January 2nd July 2nd
March 5th September 3rd
May 7th November 5th



For more than a century, the Ohio State University Extension (OSU Extension) 4-H Youth Development Program has helped people help themselves through educational programs and activities in each of Ohio’s 88 counties. OSU faculty and staff located in county Extension offices recruit and engage adult volunteers and teen leaders who provide leadership to educational programs for youth in local communities. Over the years, extensive county needs assessments conducted by Ohio State University Extension repeatedly identified teen vehicular safety as a priority need in Ohio’s communities.

The 4-H CARTEENS vehicular safety initiative was developed in response to this need. The original CARTEENS Program began in Brown County, Ohio in 1987 with the support network of Becky Cropper (Former Brown County OSU Extension 4-H Educator), volunteer teen leaders, the juvenile probate court, and the Ohio Highway Patrol. Since 1987, the 4-H CARTEENS program has expanded throughout Ohio and to several other states across the nation.

The “Car” in CARTEENS stands for “Caution And Responsibility”, and “Teens” refers to the teenagers who help prepare and present the program. In CARTEENS programs, 4-H teen leaders teach traffic education safety programs to first-time teen traffic offenders, while also building offenders’ self-esteem and interpersonal skills. Teen traffic offenders attending this program have typically been cited for speeding, stop sign violations, reckless operation, and other, similar moving violations. CARTEENS program topics include excessive speed, driving under the influence, seat belt safety use, consequences of unsafe decisions, dealing with peer pressure, understanding traffic laws, and recognizing and reacting to traffic signs and signals.

Ohio 4-H CARTEENS has proven to be a valuable tool in educating Ohio’s teen drivers and saving lives on Ohio roads. In addition, communities are strengthened by bringing together teens and adults representing local agencies and organizations that are working to address this need. Teens also gain leadership, public speaking, and organizational skills. Data collected from 4-H CARTEENS participants indicate a significant reduction in second-time traffic offenses, increased use of safety belts, reduced drinking and driving, and an increased use of caution when driving. More than 80 percent of the participants in a recent survey said they planned to use more caution when driving and will increase their use of seat belts. Many Ohio counties have received an award of honor from the National Safety Council Youth Division in recognition of their program impacts.



Jackson County CARTEENS

Questions? Please contact Maddie Allman - allman.68@osu.edu | (740) 286-5044

  • The 4-H CARTEENS program will be held in-person on the date assigned (typically the first tuesday of every other month) from 6:00 - 8:00 PM. Check-in runs from 5:45 –6:00 PM. The session begins promptly at 6:00 PM and those arriving late will be considered absent and will not receive any court attendance credit. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to avoid being late. 
  • A non-refundable fee of $25.00 will be collected in person or online at go.osu.edu/JacksonExtensionPayment with a credit card. Parents/Guardians and siblings will not be charged for attendance.
  • When registering, please include the youth attendee's "First Name, Last Name CARTEENS" in the "Items/Services" section.
  • Participants will not be permitted to leave before the session is completed. Those leaving will not receive court attendance credit and will be required to appear for a further court hearing.
  • All cell phones and other devices must be put away and turned off during the program by all participants including parents/guardians. Reading books, doing homework, chatting during the program, etc. is also not permitted. Participants must be actively participating in the session. 
  • The program location is a smoke-free building. Smoking is not permitted. 
  • Respectable behavior is required at all times during the session. Any youth and their parents/guardians exhibiting unruly, disrespectful, or uncooperative behavior shall be removed from the session. Court referred offenders will be reported to Juvenile Court personnel and the court will provide instructions regarding a further court hearing.
  • Vending machines are NOT available on site. 
  • Program location: Jackson County OSU Extension, 17 Standpipe Rd. Jackson, OH 45640

To register, please click on the registration link above. 

2023 Jackson County 4-H CARTEENS Statistics



Teen Leaders & Volunteers

Are you a teen leader or adult volunteer interested in helping with the Jackson County 4-H CARTEENS program? Please contact Maddie Allman - allman.68@osu.edu | (740) 286-5044

Teen volunteers may be elligible for various awards and scholarships, including the Ohio 4-H Achievement Record for CARTEENS and the Gold, Silver, or Bronze CARTEENS Teen Instructor Awards. 

In the future, the Jackson County 4-H CARTEENS program would like to award a scholarship to a graduating CARTEENS teen leader. If you are interested in supporting the start of a scholarship program, please contact 4-H Educator, Maddie Allman. 

CARTEENS Teen Leaders Wanted Flyer