Canter's Cave 4-H Camp/Elizabeth L. Evans Outdoors Education Center

Address: 1362 Caves Road, Jackson, OH 45640
Phone:(740) 286-4058


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2023 Camp Dates and Information

Camp Scholarship Application | Download PDF....Available as long as scholarship funds are still available.
**Please note...the form says scholarships are due on May 1st, but we will continute to accept scholarship applications as long as we have funds available.

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2023 Camp Dates, Costs, Ages and Information

Contact Maddie at the Extension Office for more information on these camps: 740-688-5032

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Objectives of 4-H Camping
  1. To have educational, recreational, and social experiences in outdoor living away from home.
  2. To provide opportunities to meet and learn to get along with other people by living together and participating in a camping experience.
  3. To provide opportunities for youth to learn to take responsibility for their own decisions and actions.
  4. To offer new experiences for youth by exploring new interests, or by exposing them to new approaches to old interests, such as nature, aquatics, music, and other life skills that cannot be provided as effectively outside of camp.
  5. To teach youth about citizenship and the importance of being a responsible citizen.
  6. To discover and provide opportunities for developing leadership skills.
  7. To discover special talents among campers and teen leaders and provide opportunities for developing these talents.
  8. To learn to meet individual and group responsibilities.
  9. To enrich the ongoing 4-H club program and to involve youth in unit 4-H clubs.
  10. To have fun.
  11. To be inspired to practice better 4-H club membership.